🗓️ When ? March 27th to the 28th 2024

📍Where ? La Tricoterie, Théodore Verhaegen 158, 1060 Bruxelles, Belgique


If you are interested in being a part of this 2 day highly-productive event, book your ticket before March 20th for €199 only! 

(After this date, tickets will rise to €249)

2024 edition's program

This event is intended to be highly participatory, based broadly on Design Thinking principles.




🎙️ An intensive exploration of critical industry issues, with expert-led keynotes and panels diving into the latest trends.

A unique opportunity to directly question experts in dynamic Q&A sessions, with the option to submit inquiries in advance for a more tailored experience.




Engage in lively debates, discuss innovative solutions, and explore transformative ideas

This session reflects on a broad definition of sustainability – environmental, economic, social and cultural. It looks at how the AV industries are currently approaching these issues and how far policy is working today. The session will also consider how technological change, shifting audience demand and expectations, and an emerging ecosystem is likely to have an impact on sustainability.

The session begins with discussions from different perspectives with producers, industry experts, policy makers and service providers. The panel will help inform the first workshop session and help set the tone for the event.

A workshop chaired by  : 

  • Martin Dawson - Dep Head of Unit-AV Ind & Media Sup Prg-DG CNECT - Creative Europe Media
  • Max Hermans - Chief Operation Officer – TheGreenShot
  • Baptiste Charles - Cinema and New Media Advisor - Belgian Ministry of Culture
  • Tim Wagendorp – Midpoint Institute, Sustainability Coordinator VAF, advisor EFAD.
  • Benjamin Vanhagendoren – Environment advisor and project manager Wallimage
  • Constance Powis - Film Producer 
  • Valeria Richter Scriptwriter, pitch and script coach, facilitator and innovator and co-founder Torino Film Lab
  • Elise Van Marcke – CEO of Benelux distributor and co-production business The Searchers

Both sessions moderated by Michael Gubbins, SampoMedia




Do funds really offer a sustainable model for changing AV Industries? Or do we need new approaches to public support?
This panel delves into the role and impact of public finance in the audiovisual industry. Topics include the effects of tax breaks, challenges faced by public sector broadcasters, and the implications of selective funding and protectionist subsidies on small business sustainability.

The panel will be followed by a workshop discussion on some of the themes raised.

With : 


  • Bengt Toll - Consultant - Former Executive of Film i Vast and Swedish Film Institute
  • Julie-Jeanne Regnault - Secretary General - European Film Agency Directors Association
  • Thierry Hugot - Financial analyst and internal controller, Eurimages
  • Isabelle Mohlant - CEO - Casa Kafka Pictures

Moderated by Philippe Reynaert - Xanadu






A new digital revolution is now on the horizon with AI, which promises – or threatens – to bring another wave of change.

The session focuses on how a changing ecosystem might improve or create new, sustainable links between European content and audiences, or how it might threaten cultural diversity. For some, there is an opportunity to improve content development. Others see a counter-programming opportunity, building audience demand for more organic, green, diverse and community-based film-making, consciously sitting outside the influence of machines and global corporations. The discussion comes at a time when European audiovisual industries are facing up to a new revolution. Artificial Intelligence is already making an impact on the sector but it promises and threatens to change much of the way we work. 

The panel discussion will be followed by a workshop based on some of the core themes.

Welcoming : 

  • Valeria Richter - (Nordic Factory/New Nordic Narratives) Scriptwriter, pitch and script coach, facilitator and innovator and co-founder Torino Film Lab.
  • Rémi Tereszkiewicz - CEO of BetaSeries - OTT and TV series marketing expert and innovative media developer
  • Pauline Durand-Vialle - CEO of the Federation of European Screen Directors
  • Guillaume Bouckaert - indie games developer and co-founder




How do we regulate our changing economy, how do we protect the needs and rights of the workforce, and how do we make a sustainable ecosystem?

Independent production has been at the heart of European Cultural Diversity and the AV ecosystem and maintaining its strength has been a significant part of audiovisual policy. This sessions questions the viability of a sustainable, diverse indie sector within the changing media landscape. It covers the complexities of IP ownership, the impact of global streamers, and the challenges facing traditional indie systems in the context of evolving audience demands and market pressures.

With : 

  • Pauline Burt - Former CEO Ffilm Cymru Wales, expert on indie production, finance and independent sustainability
  • Emmanuel Eckert - Deputy acquisition director – Mediawan Rights
  • Elise Van Marcke - CEO of Benelux distributor and co-production business The Searchers
  • Roch Tran - Chargé de mission at Centre du Cinéma et de l'Audiovisuel
  • Simon Perry - Veteran European producer and co-founder of ACE Producers and the Best Practice Exchange

Moderated by Michael Gubbins, SampoMedia







🎨 Interactive Design sessions, where attendees collaborate in smaller groups on specific topics, fostering deeper analysis and discussion.

Throughout the forum, networking remains a key focus, with ample opportunities to connect and exchange ideas during breaks and social gatherings.




Moderated by Sandy Arzur and Alma Gavazzi - SparkNews

Part One – An introductory panel discussion (40mn)

Supporting the transformation of the audiovisual industry to make it more sustainable and inclusive means reviewing the sector's traditional operating methods - reducing the environmental impact of audiovisual productions (TV and cinema), diversifying creative teams -. Nevertheless, this transformation goes beyond the question of environmental impact. Films and series shape audience’s frames of reference and vision of the world. How can we move in new creative directions, consistent with the industry's environmental challenges, without restricting creativity? How can we write, produce and distribute fictions that are more inclusive and sustainable, while preserving what makes films and series so successful? 



  • Josh Cockcroft - Director of Climate Spring
  • Sara ViglioneGreen Development Manager at the TorinoFilmLab
  • Pauline Durand-Vialle - Chief Executive Officer at FERA


    10.20-11.15 Part two :

    • A presentation of Screens of tomorrow (10mn)
    • Handling the Screen of tomorrow guide 45mn)
    • A time to share reflective feedback (25mn)


    11.30-12.15 : SESSION 2 : A NEW GENERATION 👶

    Addressing one of the biggest long-term concerns for AV industries: attracting younger audiences

    There can be no sustainability without renewing the audience. An ageing audience may slow decline, particularly for film and TV but it cannot halt the effects of a loss of youth. Considerable investment has been made into young audience development but its impact seems limited. And an important but related question is whether there are adequate and sustainable models for bringing young producers and creatives into the business.


    • Christine Eloy - Europa Distribution
    • Jacobine Van der Vloed - ACE Producers
    • Amy Jenkins- Le Gerroué - Ubisoft

    Moderated by Michael Gubbins, SampoMedia

    12.15-13.15 : WORKSHOP AND FEEDBACK





    Introduction and ‘Myths, misconceptions and data’ presentation by Michael Gubbins

    The final sessions will be about collaboration between attendees, working on design ideas, drawing on the exporiences of the event that might help shape our future.

    15.oo-16.15 : WORKSHOP PART 1



    Meet this year's slate of experts


    Isabelle Mohlant

    CEO - Casa Kafka Pictures

    Isabelle serves as the CEO of Casa Kafka Pictures, a subsidiary of RTBF and its advertising agency RMB, founded in November 2005. Casa Kafka Pictures is a key player in the Tax Shelter intermediation market, offering investors the dual benefit of supporting Belgian audiovisual production and enjoying a profitable, visible, and sustainable investment​​.

    Simon Perry

    Producer - ACE

    After 10 years as an independent film producer, Simon headed the UK’s national film agency British Screen 1991- 2000. He headed the Irish Film Board 2006-2010 and then international production funding at Film i Väst in Sweden 2015-2016. Until 2018 he was president of ACE Producers, European provider of advanced producer training, and remains as director of an ACE initiative called Best Practice Exchange, a forum for leaders of film funding agencies worldwide.

    Jacobine Van der Vloed

    Director and Head of Studies - ACE Producers

    Jacobine van der Vloed is the Director & Head of Studies at Amsterdam-based ACE Producers, taking on the role in January 2017. ACE Producers exists to provide top quality executive training in European creative producing and entrepreneurialism, strengthening the possibilities of producer collaboration and fostering the exchange of high level knowledge about the audio-visual industry.

    Pauline Burt

    Producer - Expert on indie production and independent sustainability

    Pauline - is recognized for her impactful role as the founding CEO of Ffilm Cymru Wales. With a rich background that includes commercial film and television finance at London-based Mansfield Associates, and significant experience in production and script analysis at Sgrin and Scottish Screen, Burt has been instrumental in advancing the Welsh film industry. Her work spans from developing inclusive training programs to supporting diverse features, highlighting her commitment to nurturing talent and innovation within the sector​​.

    Roch Tran

    Belgian Cinema and Audiovisual Center

    Roch is dedicated to promoting Belgian cinema to the non-commercial sector at the Cinema and Audiovisual Center.

    He has spearheaded initiatives like a virtual version of "Cinéastes en classe" in response to the pandemic, aiming to maintain engagement with cinema in educational settings despite the challenges posed by COVID-19.

    Valeria Richter

    Scriptwriter/Producer – New Nordic Narratives

    Valeria is a creative producer and scriptwriter with extensive international experience in feature film, TV series, workshop innovation, pitching, and script development since 1997. She has been working with TorinoFilmLab since 2008 and has developed several concepts for various organizations. Richter has a background in distribution, festivals, and production, and she's a graduate producer of the Danish Super16 film-collective. She is also a member of the European Film Academy since 2009​​.

    Bengt Toll

    Consultant - Former Executive of Film i Vast and Swedish Film Institute

    Formed his own, still active, production company, Toll Film, in 1986
    Programmer for Gothenburg Film Festival 1990-1996
    Chairman of Gothenburg Film Festival 1996-2004
    Industry and International Executive Business Development at Film i Väst Sweden 2003-2008
    Deputy CEO and CEO of the Swedish Film Institute 2008-2012
    European consultancy assignments 2013-

    Thierry Hugot

    Financial Analyst - Eurimage

    Thierry works at Eurimages, focusing on financial control of film projects, audits, and evaluations. He's involved in sustainability and distribution initiatives to enhance film promotion within Eurimages' member States. Before Eurimages, he contributed to French cultural centers in Budapest and Istanbul, bringing extensive experience in cinema, culture, and international relations to his current role. His personal views are his own, not necessarily reflecting those of Eurimages or the Council of Europe.

    Philippe Reynaert

    Consultant - Xanadu

    Philippe, with a diverse career spanning teaching, film criticism, advertising, and directing a regional investment fund in audiovisual media, is a consultant at Xanadu. Known for his long-standing role as the cinema face of RTBF, he has authored books and scripted films dedicated to cinema.

    Benjamin Vanhagendoren

    Project Manager - Wallimage

    Since January 2019, Benjamin has been a full-time Project Manager at Wallimage, based in Mons. In this role, he also serves as a Green Advisor, where he is responsible for implementing and coordinating the environmental policy of the fund and facilitating the ecological transition of the Walloon audiovisual sector.

    Emmanuel Eckert

    Deputy acquisition director – Mediawan Rights

    Emmanuel worked 15 years for M6 group as a buyer (in charge of the artistic selection for TV series and TV movies) and then as a producer. He developed pre-acquisitions deals and produced many domestic fictions as well as international coproductions (Highlander or XIII for NBC)

    In 2011 he became a producer, first within Newen Group then as an independent producer.

    He has been director of acquisitions for Lagardère Studio Distributions since April 2018 and is now working for Mediawan Rights, distribution arm of Mediawan, first production company in France.

    Elise Van Marcke

    Co-founder and managing partner - The Searchers

    Elise is a successful business developer brimming with creativity. In September of 2015, Elise launched the company The Searchers at the Toronto Film Festival, with a full 2016 line-up including films such as ‘Gold’ (Sierra/Affinity), ‘The Boy’ (Lakeshore) and ‘About Ray’ (IM Global). Two months after its launch The Searchers announced an output deal with new Hollywood powerhouse STX Entertainment.

    Julie-Jeanne Regnault

    Secretary General - European Film Agency Directors Association

    Julie-Jeanne has been serving as the Secretary General of the European Film Agency Directors Association (EFAD) since February 2019, an organization representing national film and audiovisual agencies across Europe. Her career began in EU affairs and the audio-visual sector, initially as a consultant, and then as a policy officer at the European Commission. Régnault is well-versed in European Union law and public policies, holding Master’s degrees in both fields, in addition to a degree in International Relations.

    Tim Wagendorp

    Sustainability Coordinator - VAF/EFAD

    Tim has been VAF's sustainability coordinator since March 2017, leveraging his environmental science background to reduce the audiovisual industry's environmental impact. Before VAF, he advised on environmental policy and sustainability practices. His role involves guiding production towards greener practices, emphasizing the importance of sustainability from pre-production through to execution​​​​.

    Lucy Stone

    Founder - Climate Spring

    Lucy Stone is the founder of Climate Spring, the global organisation funding and supporting scripted and unscripted storytelling that changes the way society sees the climate crisis. Climate Spring works with all stakeholders in the industry as a funder, advisor, convenor and facilitator. Lucy is a leading narrative change expert and climate innovator having set up many successful organisations and initiatives. Lucy has been a leader in philanthropy, in social enterprise, advising UN organisations and governments.

    Baptiste Charles

    Cinema and New Media Councellor - Belgian Ministry of Culture

    After a career in support of Belgian culture, from the programming committee of the International Francophone Film Festival in Namur to network facilitator at the International Federation of Film Archives, Baptiste is the "Cinema and New Media" councellor for the Minister of Culture and Media in FWB, Benedicte Linard since 2020.

    Max Hermans

    Chief Operation Officer – TheGreenShot

    Max is a self-made entrepreneur who founded TheGreenShot after years of experience as a location manager on international co-productions and organising large events and video productions.

    His work, driven by concerns over inefficiencies and waste in production, led to the development of TheGreenShot app, aiming to connect costs with sustainability in real-time and streamline eco-responsible production processes.

    Remy Tereszkiewicz

    CEO - Betaseries

    Rémi is the CEO of BetaSeries, a platform that engages a 6-million-strong community of TV series fans, offering advanced recommendations, extensive series information, alerts, and social sharing features. Operating since October 2019, BetaSeries serves as both a fan platform and a B2B analytics tool, providing insights on series trends and demands to major clients like Canal+, Paramount+, Disney+, and others across Europe.

    Pauline Durand-Vialle


    Originally from Paris, France, Pauline Durand-Vialle worked in film distribution and international sales before moving to public affairs. She joined FERA as its Chief Executive Officer in 2014 from her previous position as Deputy Manager in charge of European Affairs at La Société des réalisateurs de films (SRF), and has been chairing the European Audiovisual Observatory’s Advisory Committee since 2020.

    Christine Eloy

    Europa Distribution

    Christine Eloy is Europa Distribution's Managing Director since 2013. With about 130 members, representing 31 countries in Europe and beyond, it acts as a network and a think tank and serves as the voice of the sector.

    Previously Sales Manager at Cineart (one of the leading independent film distributors in Benelux), Christine has a long experience in distribution and released about 500 films in 12 years, among which AMOUR, AUF DER ANDERE SEITE, PERSEPOLIS, BOWLING FOR COLOMBINE, DANCER IN THE DARK, L'ENFANT, THE ANGELS' SHARE, LORD OF THE RINGS, SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE and CHICKEN RUN.

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    March 27th to the 28th 2024

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